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Parker 51 Ballpoint Pen - Premium Black - Gold Trim

Parker 51 Ballpoint Pen - Premium Black - Gold Trim

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releases a new Premium series of the recently relaunched 51 model. The 51 maintains the hallmarks of the original that gave the 51 its identity while leveraging technical advancements and expertise and craftsmanship to ensure its fit for use in the modern world. The name 51 was no coincidence, had named all their models until then, but had come to the conclusion that if a model was given a name, this name detracted from the name of the brand. A number would therefore suffice better for a new pen, also because a number has the same meaning in all languages. A trial run of the newly developed pen was put out in 1939, which was the 51st year of the Pen Company s existence. The pen was therefore given the type number 51. is over a century leader in design and production of the best pens in the world. These pens are not only fine writing instruments, they never let you down. Moreover they give status to every generation. This has resulted that pens have become a style icon.

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