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Fisher 48917 Pre-Rinse Faucet

Fisher 48917 Pre-Rinse Faucet

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Instantly enhance the usability of your pre-rinse station with this Fisher 48917 wall mount pre-rinse faucet! Featuring EZ-Install Adapters, this faucet simplifies installation, eliminating the need to remove your sink from the wall when replacing an existing pre-rinse unit. Simply locate and unthread each existing connecting nut, remove the old control valves, place the new washers into the fitting, and thread the EZ-Install Adapters into place. Thread the new control bodies onto the EZ-Install Adapters and tighten. It s that easy! Once installed, this pre-rinse faucet makes it easy to rinse off sauces and food from dishes. The 363-ply fiber reinforced internal rubber hose allows for easy maneuverability and added convenience around the sink area while the interchangeable ultra spray valve offers a low-energy option that s engineered to last with no O-rings to leak. At the same time, an add-on 12swing nozzle gives your staff the flexibility they need to complete a multitude of tasks at a single workstation. This pre-rinse faucet comes complete with an adjustable wall bracket that ensures the unit will stay secure to the wall at all times. Plus, its all stainless steel construction guarantees it will be a durable option that will serve you for years to come.

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