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Stamp-N-Storage 48 Ink Pad Holder

Stamp-N-Storage 48 Ink Pad Holder

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The Standard Ink Pad Holder stores nearly all of the different brands of ink no matter what size of collection you have. Get your inks out of your drawers and display them beautifully in your craft area. Your colors are arranged in columns of 12 so you can keep your color families organized. All Stamp-n-Storage products are designed to work great together as a system. With a common design and product sizing, you can mix and match a variety of items and create a custom storage and display solution for your space. Ink pads for each color are displayed right next to each other, up to 48 colors can be displayed in this product. Ink pad opening is 3. 8wide and 0. 8tall. This Holder provides plenty of room for the large Stampin Up! ink pads, DistressTM, and many more sizes. The finger slot cut in each divider makes removing the ink pads easy and the dividers can be taken out for storing larger accessories. (The sturdy center divider is not removable. ) Eliminate guessing which colors you already have - youll always be able to see them. Dimensions: 17. 3wide, 4. 8deep, 13. 3tall.

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