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Kicker 47keyloc Keyloc Smart Line-Out Converter

Kicker 47keyloc Keyloc Smart Line-Out Converter

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This revolutionary line output converter automatically detects the frequency range of your speaker leads, and a whole lot more! News flash: factory audio systems dont always deliver a full-range signal on every speaker wire. That makes it tough to hook up an aftermarket amp and get the sound you wanted – until now. Attach the speaker wire to the KEYLOC, play a free test tone (below) and read the LEDs. Youll instantly know if Hi, Mid or Lo is coming from a particular pair of speaker wires. No oscilloscope or RTA needed! Using s FIT 2+ technology, the KEYLOC has the most versatile input sensitivity in the car-audio aftermarket. Ranging from 125 mV – 10V (Lo) or 1V to 40V (Hi), the KEYLOC is prepared to work with nearly every vehicle on the road today. The KEYLOC allows you to keep or defeat factory time delay, or the all-pass filter built into many modern vehicles. By defeating this filter, the KEYLOC instantly counteracts the either of these factory effects, allowing you to tune for one-seat audio or maintain the factory imaging.

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