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Lego 41689 Friends Magical Ferris Wheel And Slide

Lego 41689 Friends Magical Ferris Wheel And Slide

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Friends Magical Ferris Wheel And Slide, 41689, brings carnival fun to kids bedroom every day. They can spin round on the pretty Ferris Wheel with its cute, purple, top-hat-style carriages, serve at the candy stall and entertain the crowds by performing card tricks. Magical times for all the family. Kids will be spellbound by the magic slide that seems to make the fairgoers disappear! Theyll love playing the magician and confounding their family with this vanishing act. This set is a great way for adults and kids to share the fairground fun, as the grown-ups fondly relive memories of classic carnivals rides. Magical make-believe play. Friends playsets let kids explore the excitement and color of the real-world, with buddies who have always got their back.

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