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Left-Handed 41-Inch Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle Sunburst

Left-Handed 41-Inch Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle Sunburst

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This bundle from features a top-quality acoustic-electric guitar (can be played Acousticwithout an amplifier, or Electricwith an amplifier(not included). The guitar body is finely crafted from top-quality (A-grade) tonewoods; Spruce on top for its superior resilient and musical qualities, and Basswood (similar to Alder) is used for the back and sides for optimum tonal response and warmth. The underside of the soundboard is X-braced for superb structural integrity. The neck is constructed from marine grade Okoume which is extremely strong and balanced. The body is a full size (41 inch) cutaway design, meaning the guitar body near the neck is cut back to allow easier access to the upper frets, making for more comfortable play. This guitar is thin line (3 inch thick) which combines unparalleled sound with great looks in a lightweight package. An integrated 4-band pickup equalizer with volume control knob gives you full tonal control when plugged into an amp (not included), and features adjustment slide controls for bass, mid-range, treble and presence. Two sets of high-quality strings are included (1 set pre-installed, just tune and play; and another set as a spare). These are made from stranded steel cores wound with stainless steel and phosphor-bronze and are coated with a proprietary anti-rust coating. They re built-to-last and sound great, with a full and perfect blend of warm and bright tones. Professional finishing touches include premium diecast chrome tuning pegs and gorgeous high-gloss finish.

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