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Jegs 40005 Hei Distributor For Sb & Bb Chevy

Jegs 40005 Hei Distributor For Sb & Bb Chevy

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COMPLETE HEI distributor replaces Small Block Chevy 283,305, 327,350 and 400, also replaces 396, 427, and 454 Big Block Chevy 65,000 VOLT COIL PROVIDES HOT SPARK for maximum performance using solid brass terminals HIGH QUALITY CNC ALUMINUM BODY provides years of trouble-free operation FULLY COMPATIBLE with flat tappet and hydraulic roller cams EASY DROP-IN INSTALLATION using the 1-wire hook-up HEI Distributor - Fully Adjustable Vacuum/Mechanical Advance - Red Cap with Male Brass Terminals - Steel Gear - Includes 65,000 Volt Coil Features:Adjustable vacuum advance - High voltage coil for a hotter spark - Coated weights for corrosion resistance - Welded weight pins for durability - Standard-type steel distributor gear for hydraulic or solid flat tappet cams - Utilizes OE 0.491diameter shaft and will require a different drive gear for solid roller camshaft - When installing in a non-HEI vehicle, Power & Tach Feed Wires 555-10552 is recommended

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