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Atwood 36720 Lp Gas Detector

Atwood 36720 Lp Gas Detector

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Because of the compact size of your RV mobile home it can be easy for gas or propane leaks to fill up quickly and put you and your passengers at risk. The Atwood hydro flame LP leak detector can easily protect your family with a detector that gives early alerts and is less sensitive to false alarms. This detector can monitor low concentrations of LP gas or solvent vapors indicated by a green and red lights without sounding the audio alarm. This leak detector features four indicator light Green blinking signals normal function while a red blinking light indicates low power and a yellow blinking light meaning regular maintenance is required. The red light will start flashing to warn you to ventilate the area. Then if the LP gas level exceeds 2000 ppm a loud piercing alarm will sound to warn all RV passengers. For early testing there is a test or mute button that allows you to ensure the easy setup is done properly.

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