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Emerald - 25 Liter Digital Air Fryer Oven - Silver

Emerald - 25 Liter Digital Air Fryer Oven - Silver

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Multi Functional Appliance Experience 12 different appliances in one. Toaster, oven, Air Fryer, and dehydrator to name a few, You can choose from our 21 different cooking presets, The temperature ranges from 100-450F and the time can go up to 12 hours! 1800W of Power Experience the true power in cooking when you use our Air Fryer Oven! It uses a 6 piece operating tube (more than any competing air fryer oven) to achieve optimal heat and runs on 1800 Watts of power. Huge Cooking Capacity Dimensions:(L) 17.70x (W) 15.75x (H) 14.7 25 L Basket Capacity - The perfect cooking space It can handle meals for your whole family in a short time! It allows space to cook on four different shelf trays at the same time Drip tray like no other This Emerald oven features a deep detachable dip tray, measuring 6mm in thickness. It easily pulls out of the oven (located at the bottom of your appliance and not in the basket). This will prevent oils or crumbs dirtying your basket and prevent danger of burning yourself. Sleek Design Our Air Fryer Oven has a high quality stainless steel case, an LCD screen, and a smart touch control, that comes together to create an easy to use and beautiful appliance for your countertop.

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