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Kimafun 2.4g Wireless In Ear Monitor System, Wireless Iem System Earphone Headphone For Stage Performance, Band Rehearsal, Guitar Amplifier, Bass

Kimafun 2.4g Wireless In Ear Monitor System, Wireless Iem System Earphone Headphone For Stage Performance, Band Rehearsal, Guitar Amplifier, Bass

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2.4GHz Wireless IEM System This wireless in-ear monitor system adopts 2.4G wireless transmission which is allowed to be used free worldwide, making pairing easier. Just plug and play. Features with high signal stability, anti-interference and short audio delay. No drop with 50-65 feet. Powered by built-in lithium batteries and can be used for up to 6 hours. Provide perfect audio monitoring for your personal stage or team stage. One to More Switch between built-in 6 channels to prevent possible interference from other devices. Set all transmitter and receivers on the same channel, one transmitter can be connected with many receivers. Please purchase additional receivers for the people in the team according to your needs. Use the supplied TYPE-C charging cable to charge these devices. Both the transmitter and receiver have the remaining battery indicator to ensure that you can estimate how long they can be used. In-Ear Monitor Earphones Ergonomically shaped 45-degree angle in-ear earbuds provide comfortable and secure fit for better soundproofing and prolonged use. Both cables offer the form-fitting cord to go over the back of your ears. So this studio monitor headphone won t fall out easily. Enhanced bass, mids and treble is extremely rich and energetic. Excellent noise reduction ability makes it suitable for stage performance and recording studio monitoring. For Stage Performance The transmitter has a 1/8three-pole plug, which is suitable for most electric guitar amplifiers and cameras. Comes with a mono 1/4adapter and a stereo 1/4adapter, suitable for most stage speakers, outdoor speakers, recording studios, etc. With the receiving cable, the wireless system can be used for synchronization between different speakers. This is the best choice for monitoring on stage performance, band rehearsal, recording studio, live performance, camera record and so on. Or send your email to the after-sales service email listed in our manual. KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Monitor System with Transmitter Beltpack Receiver In-Ear Audio Monitor for Stage Performance, Band Rehearsal, Guitar Amplifier, Bass Amp, Speakers, Studio, Live Broadcast NOTES Before Order NOTE 5: Tuct supports one-to-one and one-to-more. Within the effective wireless transmission distance, you can use an unlimited number of receivers for one transmitter. NOTE 2: The standard version of this product is equipped with one transmitter, one receiver and earphones set. If you want to monitor with multiple people at the same time, please purchase additional receivers and earphone sets according to your needs. NOTE 3: For output devices such as speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, digital sound cards, guitar amplifiers and so on, you can directly use this wireless system to monitor. NOTE 4: When used for monitoring on smartphones or computers, please use it with the common live broadcast software. NOTE 5: Equipped with a receiving adapter cable, you can use this product to synchronize the playback content of your two or more speakers.

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