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Jbj | 15 Gallon Nano Rimless Aio Aquarium

Jbj | 15 Gallon Nano Rimless Aio Aquarium

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Whether it s saltwater or freshwater the NanoRimLess 15g AIO(All-In-One) Aquarium is the right choice to showcase your favorite aquatic animals. The Rimless Flat Panel All-In-One Aquarium is engineered with low iron glass and has unique dimensions giving you ample room for aquascaping. With its integrated overflow, 3 stage filtration and a generous filter compartment the Rimless Flat Panel will allow you to keep your tank inhabitants healthy. Included with the NanoRimLess Aquarium is a low noise, efficient return pump and directional return nozzle, glass lid and levelling mat. The All-In One aquarium by Aquarium is the right choice for any beginner or aquarium enthusiasts.

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