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Taco 1/12 Hp Cast Iron Circulator Pump

Taco 1/12 Hp Cast Iron Circulator Pump

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is at the forefront of circulator innovation. Their drive to provide the most efficient reliable pumps in the industry can be seen across their entire catalog. A member of the Red Baron line the 110-24 is a well-rounded in-line circulator suited for a variety of applications. In this line has found the perfect blend of durability and efficiency. The 110-24 is a remarkably reliable circulator designed to operate without frequent servicing. In the event your circulator does need a tune-up service is quick easy and does not require any unconventional tools. A low maintenance design is coupled with durable components to provide you peace of mind. With your hydronic circulation is in good hands. Product Features Advanced Motor Red Baron circulators use a split-phase motor which is known for its high starting torque and minimal energy loss. The included sleeve bearings guarantee that your 110-24 is not just efficient but quiet as well.

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