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Neat 10271 Bucket Pallet Forks - Pair

Neat 10271 Bucket Pallet Forks - Pair

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Transport loads easier with the Bucket Pallet Forks Pair. It features quick mounting with chains and turnbuckles as well as positive clamping that resists side thrust for easy use during even the toughest jobs. The loader bucket forks works well with additional cutting edge welded or bolted and has tubing closed at front and back end to avoid dirt inside tube. It has a weight capacity of 4,000 pounds to handle heavy inside or outdoor projects. The lifting equipment is made of a tough reinforced structural tubing for long-lasting use. It includes a pair of forks turnbuckles, chains and hardware for everything needed to start lifting heavy loads. This item is ideal for buckets having lip thickness between half inch and two inches. Take on the hard jobs and handle any loads with the Bucket Pallet Forks Pair.

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