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Sparco 00126943nraf - Shoe K-Pole 43 Blk/Org

Sparco 00126943nraf - Shoe K-Pole 43 Blk/Org

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s K-Pole Karting shoe offers you a modern design and smart features combined in a very affordable package. The larger part of the shoe is made in a microfiber leather which is well-ventilated with perforations on both inner, outer and upper parts. The material is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth and the screenprinted logos are very durable. At the step-in of the shoe there is a large cutout that gives you increased mobility in the ankle for the best possible pedal control. The stretch surfaces at the top lacing of the carding shoe also contribute to this increased mobility and simplifies putting the gokart shoe on your feet. A kart shoe should sit as firm as if it were molded on the foot, K-Pole achieves this through stable side panels and extra lace holes at the top (A total of 9 on each side of which the top 2 are optional) An extra pair of cords in matching accent color comes with each pair - choose your style! The thin sole gives you good contact with the pedals, while the sole also goes up the back of the heel in a soft rounded shape. Along with additional heel reinforcements in artificial leather, this gives you a very stable but comfortable racing shoe. A perfect choice for the racer and the hobby driver alike!

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